The library at MMMSPS  is a state-of-the-art facility that provides students and faculty with access to a vast collection of resources related to pharmacy and healthcare. The library is located in a spacious, modern building that features comfortable study areas, high-speed internet, and advanced technology for research and learning.
Upon entering the library, students are greeted by a welcoming reception area where they can ask for assistance from friendly and knowledgeable staff. The library’s collection includes thousands of books, journals, and electronic resources, covering a wide range of subjects related to pharmaceutical sciences, including pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, drug development, pharmacokinetics, and pharmaceutical marketing.
The library is equipped with computers and other electronic devices, allowing students and faculty to conduct research, browse online resources, and access educational software.
The library staff at MMMSPS  is dedicated to providing outstanding support to students and faculty. The librarian is always available to help users navigate the library’s resources and to answer any questions they may have. With its extensive collection of resources and advanced technology. The library at MMMSPS is an invaluable asset to students and faculty, supporting their research and learning needs.